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Asset Management Life Cycle


The success of your business depends on being able to oversee and respond to issues as soon as they arise. eViridis can help you manage and minimize the risk of your assets and therefore improve the performance of your business. eViridis provides a full lifecycle solution for managing assets from acquisition to end of life.

When you purchase your Asset…

  • eViridis will create an asset tag for that product, tracking the beginning of its “life”.
  • eViridis tracks each specific asset throughout it’s “life”.
  • When the asset reached the end of it’s useful life within the company, eViridis tracks the asset through to final disposition including confirming the destruction of company data.

eViridis provides a seamless tracking and transition of assets from use through to final disposition, minimizing corporate risk. This process allows you to reduce overall costs by controlling unmanaged hardware and unplanned purchases. An efficient asset management process improves asset reuse therefore extending the life of an asset, protects corporate data, and increases the value recovery during decommissioning. By providing completely automated software, eViridis accelerates the asset and audit relationship, reducing the loss of workforce productivity.