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Control your end to end process with eViridis

Be able to manage and track your Assets with a unique and personal process

The decisions you make today can affect your businesses long-term growth and success. eViridis has brought together a team of seasoned experts to minimize error and risk, and maximize stability and growth. Our team engages with you to develop a strategy that builds the management commitment needed to deliver exceptional results. In order to utilize the eViridis software to the fullest, our team will help you unlock and understand how to manage the software in order to exponentially grow your potential.

Benefits of eViridis Consulting Services :

  • Risk Assessment
  • Organizational alertness
  • Analyze and Design Strategic Planning
  • Assessing Technical Requirements
  • Building a Solution Design
  • Testing the product with your company
  • Production release
  • Educating your company about the software

eViridis will service deliverables include mapping out an approach and plan for how your company will use the software. We will also analyze what custom configurations and integrations should be implemented into your version of the software. Lastly, we can determine the product configuration data requirements that need to be installed.