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The Importance of Reporting

When it comes to electronic devices, companies need to implement an “end of life” strategy for data security. There are many state and federal regulations currently in place in order to secure data protection, but the eViridis team works with our clients in order to create a uniquely personal process in how they would like their Assets to be handled.

In order to minimize corporate liability, eViridis makes sure that the facilities that utilize our product confirm that all data is properly destroyed and that all of the Assets are recycled or reused. eViridis has created a feature that allows clients to access certificates and reports seamlessly in the software in order to ensure data destruction and proper recycling.

These reports include :

  • Name and address of the location where the collection was made,
  • Date the Asset was collected and shredded,
  • Description of the material shredded, and the signature of the individual who completed the shredding.

Our reports and certificates are created during the final disposition of your Asset. With the intelligence and security of the eViridis software, we can ensure data security and environmentally friendly recycling certified by the state compliance and Department of Defense standards.