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eViridis Retail Manager

eViridis Retail Manager has been designed to provide you with a seamless management of the entire lifecycle of your product from its creation, to modification, sale, shipment & tracking, returns and re-listing. It’s a powerful easy to use software that can grow with your business whether you are a small online retailer or a large enterprise retailer looking to manage its products across multiple marketplaces. eViridis Retail is highly flexible and can be easily integrated with your website, e-commerce carts, online marketplaces, or other software to reduce the time you spend on day-to-day product management and allow you to concentrate on more important things like business development and marketing.

eViridis Retail is supported by a Service Team that handles everything from Customer Support, Photo Editing and Product Upload to marketplaces that don’t allow for Software Integration. Between eViridis Retail’s Software and Service Team, we will take care of your every need and resolve any issues.

Features and Capabilities

Product Management

eViridis works with any type of physical product whether its clothing, jewelry, electronics, food, furniture, cosmetics, etc. eViridis retails allows you to define your product and its attributes like size, color, component parts or even the parts used in creating your product could be defined for internal or external use.

  • Products by Class
  • Products by Category
  • Unlimited amount of unique Attributes
  • SKU generation
  • Product Tags

AI-Driven Pricing

The software has a built-in learning AI that over time will suggest pricing based on market data and your successful sales. So, you spend less time on Pricing Research and more time on business development. You can adjust all of the pricings based on

  • Changing Trends
  • Supply & Demand
  • Product Unique Features
  • Product Composite Elements

Intuitive Workflows

Provide bullet proof Review and Approval process from your product. While working across multiple teams that handle everything from Product procurement, to photography, to listing, to approving, to posting, to handling shipping & returns you must have bulletproof yet easy to follow workflows for product movement. eViridis retail provides a seamless workflow for your products to be reviewed and approved before posting to ensure the highest level of accuracy of product details

  • Product Created
  • Product Reviewed
  • Product Approved
  • Product Listed onto your website and marketplace

Multi-Channel Product Sale

eViridis allows for multi-channel product selling with a single click of a button to provide your product the highest exposure that results in faster sales. You assign the products to marketplaces during the initial product creation process and eViridis will either automatically post it to that marketplace or we post it on your behalf through eViridis Services team. eViridis or our Service team will manage your sold product, so you have an ability to sort and view products based on Pending Review, Posted, and Sold statuses to have a more precise view of your inventory levels

  • Single product – multiple marketplaces
  • Unique marketplaces require unique selection of products
  • Manage single inventory across multiple products
  • Track Marketplace performance from one Dashboard view

Marketplaces Management

Sometimes your success on a marketplace is determined by a curated selection of your product dedicated for that specific platform. eViridis Retail allows a single product to be assigned to one or multiple marketplaces. While Product Management module provides you with a product centric view, Marketplace Module provides you with a dashboard overview of all or single marketplaces at a time. The module also serves as a single point of communication between you and the eViridis Service team.

Attribute and Requirement Mapping

Every Marketplace has it’s own set of unique photo, attribute, and product format requirements. It is an exhausting process to re-post a single product to several marketplaces while satisfying those mandatory requirements. eViridis Retail provides an ability to create upfront attribute and requirements mapping, so when you assign the product to a marketplace, the system does all of the conversion work for you – so all that is left for you to do is just copy and paste

Large Marketplace Integration

eViridis Retail is integrated with most of the online largest marketplaces and new ones are being integrated every day. eViridis offers both direct integration or Services to assist in bringing your product to e-commerce platforms, so there are no limits on managing your product on a global scale.

Shipping and Returns

As the orders coming in from different marketplaces, eViridis retail offers one stop shop from order creation, to customer information retention, to invoice generation all along with effortless integration with shipping software that provides discounted rates for all USPS, UPS, and Fedex

  • Automatic and manual shipment creation containing customer information, sale price, discounts, etc
  • Automatic removal of sold products from all respective marketplaces that are supported via API
  • Generation of a single source pick list to ease the process of preparing your product for shipments and identifying if products are listed on other marketplaces
  • Ability to re-list your product to marketplaces after return with a single click of a button

Reporting Module

Managing multiple selling platforms and diverse inventory is tedious and time consuming but understanding performance of different Product categories and marketplaces to make smart business decisions on future inventory/stock investments is almost impossible.

eViridis Retail provides Reporting that allows you to make those decisions based on accurate and up to date data collected from product sales across all of your existing marketplaces. Reports identify:

  • Best Selling Product Class, Categories, Brands
  • Best Performing Marketplaces or E-Commerce Platforms
  • Price brackets for each category that might need adjustments

Software Compatibilities

eViridis is already integrated into a number of other popular software platforms including:

  • Shipping Easy- shipment software that provides you best shipping rates across USPS, UPS, and Fedex
  • eBay
  • ETSY
  • Amazon
  • Website ecommerce hosting platforms (Shopify, Prestashop, Woo Commerce)

eViridis Services

eViridis team consists of experienced e-commerce retail professionals who are experts in

  • Professional photography and editing to satisfy needs of each individual e-commerce platform
  • Product upload includes identifying unlimited product details and attributes using important google search word descriptors
  • Pricing AI
  • Manual upload of your inventory to multiple e-commerce marketplaces that are not supported through eViridis API including ASOS Marketplace, Poshmark, Mercari, dePop, Wish