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eViridis Service Request Manager

eViridis Service Request Manager is a helpdesk support tool designed to manage the lifecycle of IT service request tickets from creation through solution implementation, via customizable visualizations to manage the complete application ecosystem, intuitive end user screens, configurable workflows to manage all gating requirements, and administrator defined breach warnings to ensure compliance with client SLA’s.

Core Features and Capabilities

Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard allows service managers to quickly review the overall status of an application ecosystem through visualizations that incorporate the disposition of service tickets across and within applications. Visualizations include:

  • Number of open tickets across applications
  • Tickets by Type
  • Tickets by Priority
  • Tickets by Status

Ticket Creation

End users create and submit tickets through a straightforward, online service portal that captures all pertinent information needed for the support team to evaluate a request through the use of dynamic fields that change based on the type of ticket being created and the selected values of the fields.

  • Create Incident, Enhancement, Work Request, & Migration Request tickets
  • Tickets can be created for multiple customers
  • Attach screenshots and upload other supporting documentation

Multi-Ticket Linking

Multiple tickets can be linked to a single Migration Request ticket to allow for easy online tracking of all tickets included in a given migration. Any of the linked tickets can be viewed directly from the associated Migration Request ticket.

  • Only tickets with a status of “Ready for Production” can be linked
  • Select all or individual tickets to be included in the Migration Request
  • View the details of a linked ticket by clicking on one from the list


A configurable workflow engine ensures all required approvers and gates have been satisfied prior to a request being moved into the production environment.

  • Set approval gates for any step in the workflow
  • Multiple approvers can be set for any step
  • Approvals can be setup as concurrent or in sequence
  • Setup email notifications for any workflow step


The SLA feature allows for SLA’s to be set against any step within the lifecycle workflow of a given ticket and send alerts when an SLA is about to be breached.

  • SLA’s are specific for each workflow step based on ticket priority
  • Breach warnings can be configured for a specified amount of time prior to breach

Online Migration Plans

When submitting a Migration Request ticket all of the migration steps are captured as a part of the ticket which include the Migration, Post Migration, and Rollback steps and any required system downtime necessary to move a fix or enhancement into the production environment.

  • Captures the estimated time to complete each plan step
  • Total migration time and system downtime are calculated
  • Eliminates need for offline spreadsheets

External Knowledge Base

A searchable online database where helpdesk teams and end users can post solutions to common problems to help other end users self-service these items.

Internal Knowledge Base

A searchable online database where helpdesk teams can post solutions to previous incidents for easy future reference.