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eViridis is a full service software provider, offering consulting services to assist recyclers and corporations in preparing for implementation or improving the efficiency of their operations. Our consulting team is there to guide corporations along the path to removing risk from their Assets. The consulting team will bring a Lean Six Sigma approach to designing the right flow of products around your facility. The eViridis software can ensure a successful and profitable track for your Assets aftermarket value.

We Guarantee Implementation Success

The decisions you make today can affect your business’s long-term growth and success. eViridis has a team of seasoned experts to minimize error and risk, and maximize stability and growth.
eViridis engages with you to develop a strategy that builds the management and commitment needed to deliver exceptional results. In order to utilize the eViridis software to the fullest, our team will help you unlock and understand how to manage the software in order to exponentially grow your potential. We will also analyze what custom configurations and integrations should be implemented into your version of the software. Lastly, we can determine the product configuration data requirements that need to be installed.

eViridis Consulting Service Solutions :

  • Compliance and Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Raise Organizational Alertness
  • End to End Solution Design
  • Equipment Inventory Analysis
  • Equipment Vendor Security Analysis


We work with you to define your current process.


We measure the effectiveness of your current processes.


We analyze opportunities to improve your processes to create a more risk free sustainable solution.


We work with you to implement improvements to your company’s overall Asset Management process with the eViridis software.


After developing and implementing these processes, your company will be able to more sustainably manage and grow your business.