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eViridis is a powerful enterprise Materials Management and Inventory Control Software that is easy to use and configure. For more than 10 years eViridis has been used by some of the largest Manufacturing, Media, Financial Services and Healthcare companies in the world.

Proven Solutions

In 2010, eViridis started providing Asset Management software to assist companies in managing all types of equipment and materials. eViridis identifies, tracks, and ships equipment from acquisition to disposition.

Adaptive Design

eViridis has developed a proprietary audit, tracking and pricing engine that allows users to seamlessly manage whole units, parts, or commodities both within the facilities and once it leaves your door. The engine allows for unlimited product configuration, ad-hoc and standard reports as well as third party integrations to other software.

Wealth of Experience

Our management team brings a wealth of experience from KPMG, HP, and Dell. The eViridis solution enhances the management of compliance obligations and provides unique insights to the value of product parts, commodities or whole units in the aftermarket.

Demonstrates eViridis Commitment to the Highest Standards of Information Security and Data Protection

Product Solution Areas

eViridis Materials Management

for tracking the lifecycle of products whole, units parts and the natural resources to manufacture them (i.e. Plastics, Metals…).

eViridis Asset Manager

tracks the lifecycle of corporate assets from acquisition to decommission and disposition.

eViridis Service Request Manager

ideal for tracking the workflow of an Asset as it goes through approval to use in an organization.

eViridis Retail

is specific for those companies looking to manage a single inventory and deploying it to multiple eCommerce marketplaces (i.e. ebay, Amazon, ASOS Marketplace…)

Implementation Approaches

eViridis products can be implemented to meet your specific needs as a:

  • Cloud based Solution
  • Onsite Hosted Solution
  • Customized Solution specific to your company requirements

eViridis professionals will help configure and customize the product to your specific environment. And can also manage the entire platform if requested

  • Technology Implementation Services
  • Operational services to help manage assets or upload products to the eViridis environment

Let’s start this journey together