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Aveniras Media Finance and Technology Services provide both process and system solutions for your Media Finance needs. Aveniras understands the unique intricacies of Media Finance and has the expertise to implement dynamic, flexible solutions that increase efficiencies and improve the quality of key decision-making data.

Our extensive experience includes having implemented solutions at a variety of levels within the overall Media Finance & Accounting stack.

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Ultimates – The Challenges We See Today and Our Solutions

The Media & Entertainment industry is in a state of constant change as distribution models are reimagined and deal structures become increasingly more complex.

As a result Ultimates planning and consolidation of data has become more challenging while the need for speed and accuracy in financial reporting is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Challenges seen across most media companies:

  • Increasing complexity of the Ultimates landscape: new subscriber-based revenue models, SVOD considerations, increased number of Co-Productions, internal transfer pricing, etc.
  • Reliance on complex Excel models for forecasting ultimates
  • Turnover of subject matter experts (SMEs) can lead to knowledge gaps within an organization
  • Time intensive adjustments
  • Manual data entry & aggregation
  • Complexity of consolidation
  • Inconsistency of data process flows supporting forecast deliverables
  • Timing of forecast data coming from markets (e.g., International Distribution) to ultimates FP&A teams

Our solution to these challenges involves process optimization combined with a customized ultimates planning and reporting system that delivers:

  • Standardization of processes across different business units
  • A standardized and centralized data repository for actuals and forecast data
  • A reduction in overall forecast cycle time with easy data uploads, adjustments and submission functionality
  • Improved data consistency enabling better analytical capabilities through predictive and driver-based modeling
  • Efficient aggregation of actuals and consolidation across content titles
  • An intuitive and optimized reporting environment
  • Better standard and ad hoc reporting capabilities

No matter the size of your company or content produced Aveniras Media Finance and Technology Services can solution the challenges your company are facing today, using our deep functional expertise combined with our proprietary technology toolkit, to ensure your company has the financial tools to succeed in today’s dynamic landscape.

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