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What is WeighSense ?

WeighSense is an intelligent sensor based smartfloor technology that incorporates:

  • High Precision Weight Measurement
  • Location Positioning
  • Wireless Communication Capabilities

The combination of these powerful features into a singular integrated product offering enables customers across a variety of different industries to benefit from WeighSense’s proprietary sensor design, sophisticated and highly accurate measurement algorithms as well as it’s custom software integrations.

WeighSense technology enables thought leading businesses to transform their everyday workplace weight management scenarios and process workflows into real-time, analytics-based data gathering and monitoring opportunities.

WeighSense was born out of a desire to solve a complex problem.

WeighSense was in fact conceptualized to solve the widespread issue of inadequate weighing systems for industrial use cases:

  • Costly
  • Inaccurate
  • Required to be frequently re-calibrated causing downtime

WeighSense was specifically designed to be:

  • Cost effective
  • Highly accurate
  • A technologically advanced smartfloor
  • A true ‘Fit & Forget’ solution
  • Robust enough to withstand challenging industrial loading & unloading environments

Weight is a CRITICAL factor in so many industries. From roads to recycling. From air transportation to the seas. WeighSense Technology was born to bring intelligent cutting edge smartfloor technology to industrial use cases where customers were looking for:

Real-time weight monitoring


Integrated with eViridis Asset Manager


Weight logging for audit purposes


Enhancements to workplace safety and protection procedures


Greater analytical and data insights to drive business decisions


WeighSense Technology Use Cases


  • Tarmac based weighing for light aircraft
  • Baggage solutions (Commercial and Passenger)


  • Sea Containers
  • Real-time monitoring as an indicator of excess capacity
  • Theft Management


  • Smart weighing stations in warehouses for real-time monitoring
  • Logging and analytics


  • Safety management to prevent hazardous overloading of equipment and site elevators


  • Monitoring of Heavy Goods Vehicles to identify changes in weight due to a breach


  • Safety monitoring to avoid occupants being left in a vehicle in error
  • Axle wear/tear

All WeighSense technology solutions benefit from:

Proprietary sensors that:

  • Can withstand extreme weight (up to 1 metric ton direct application to the sensor)
  • Can withstand extremes of temperature (+/-)
  • Are waterproof
  • Are highly accurate yet still cost effective

A proprietary measurement algorithm that can:

  • Accurately measure up to 1 metric ton within < 1kg accuracy

A proprietary suite of software apps and integrations that can:

  • Visualize and interpret the measurement data to enable deep analytics

WeighSense smartfloors are also fully integrated with eViridis for a best-in-class asset management and tracking solution experience.

Let’s start this journey together